Caring & Cleaning

Please read below a guide to the different materials and how to look after them.


Taking care of the gemstones in your jewellery is very important. It’s recommended that you have them checked over every few years to ensure the stones are safe and secure. If you notice the stones starting to turn cloudy or dark, this is most likely because there is a build up of dirt behind them. To remove this, simply soak your jewellery in warm water for a few minutes, then using a soft toothbrush or paintbrush, clean around the stone and behind the stone (using the holes in the back of the jewellery).




Caring for your sterling silver is simple - keep wearing it. Silver items tend to keep their brightness whilst being worn. If stored away, they start to react with the air and become darker. This is called ‘tarnishing’ and it is easily removed using a silver polishing cloth or silver dip, which is readily available at supermarkets and online. Remove silver jewellery before entering natural hot pools, chlorinated swimming pools and jacuzzi's as the chemicals can tarnish the jewellery.

Gold, Platinum & Palladium

Available in different alloys and colours, these metals are the easiest to care for. They seldom tarnish, but if you notice any tarnish starting to build up then you can remove this with a polishing cloth. As with all metals, they can be re-polished by a professional to remove scratches and dents that have built up over time.