Bespoke Buddy

Off The Shelf Or Bespoke…that is the question.

Should I buy off the shelf or have a piece of jewellery made?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll see something in a shop that you like but it’s not quite right but you buy it anyway and then it ends up abandoned in a drawer or in your wardrobe?

Well when it comes to jewellery you can make it just perfect for you by having it made…I wish it was this easy with clothes!

Most of my customers have an idea on what style is “them” and usually send me over a few ideas of what they like either by email or through my social media.

From there we can discuss budget, metal, stones etc whether you want me to use your existing jewellery or for me to supply the materials, then combine a few ideas and finalise a design we’re both happy along with a timescale. So then the process can start, every piece is made in a different way which I’d also explain…I tend to make a few different pieces at the same time, I’ve found over the years that works much better for me and I enjoy it much more going back and forth to different pieces rather than focusing on one thing.

I do most of my jewellery thinking whilst I’m out and about walking my dog…when I have a clear head so if theres ever a time when I’m trying to come up with a new design or maybe just trying to think of a solution to whether a design will actually work is when me and Buddy are out on our travels… he’s even asked if I’ll post a picture of him. 🥰

Bespoke pieces can take anything from 3-12 weeks so bear that it mind if you need for a specific date.

I do take lots of pics along the way too, so if you’d like to see the process just ask!

So I guess the answer to the question is YES! Go for a bespoke piece of jewellery because if you’ve had a say in the design, surely you’re going to love it right?! And just for the record, it’s much cheaper than buying many well known brands 😉

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